Test Signal

By Jack Spencer

Don’t Wait Now!!!

fragment the bubbles rising off   ...     limbic system

//SEND              out for food. //SEND                out for friends.

v    e      n           o           m          &          p            o            i             s       o         n

rearrange them into one, all-caps,      post-rational    #HATE

#HATE    #HATE             [SHOUT]           on twitter.        #HATE           #HATE

this surpasses sex. this surpasses sex.    #HATE           #HATE

v    o     m          I            t            &          f             e            c            e            s

these    SHOUTS                           ///NEW             surpass sex

collated through machine learning:                  an index           #HATE

all its                   +            //// LUV U ;) ///                          weaknesses©

the better to $€££ you with, my dear. (GIMME)  #HATE

c       o          m          m          e          r          c          e          & [QUANTITY!]

it warms the heart that (shh!) corporations      ↑         #HATE

[IT IS PEOPLE, TOO]     //RESCIND                      //RESCIND       //RESCIND

s    u      g            a            r             &           s            p            i             c            e

thoughtful enough to curate their                     {new} line        #HATE

in conformance {so hot!!!} with latest sense of self.

//SEND              out for               #VALUE                           {too hot :(}

#VALUE = N/A    //ERROR                       -[HATE]-                           recall

l    a         t         e         x          &         g         r         8         t         e         s         t

⑆DESIRE                                  ⑆SELF                                  ⑆♟

we dream of    spreadsheets                ⑆MICKEY MOUSE©   {so hot!!!}

[LUV THAT ASSET]               //if               quality < [QUANTITY!]         //then

#HATE     //MORE        (GIMME)          ↑          // MORE      ↑     SHOUTS

But Don’t          #VALUE             Take My            heart//word For It!!!

s m a s h            t h a t                 l i k e                   b u t t o n

follow (me)      I’m (me)            please think of (me) this is (me)


the better to $€££ you with, my dear. (GIMME)  #HATE

c   o       m          m          e            r             c            e            &[QUANTITY!]