Summer 2020 Issue #4

Summer 2020 Issue #4

Variant Literature's fourth issue. Handmade at 112 pages in a 5"x8" journal.


Contributors include: Makalani Bandele; Teresa Chappell; Trisha Gauthier; Rich Glinnen; Charles Grosel; Selfa A. Chew; M. Ait Ali; Tom Montag; Jon Petruschke; Harrison Pyros; Eric Roller; Preeti Shah; Jennifer Shneiderman; Lauren Suchenski; Grace Bolling; Jeremy Lim; Martha Patterson; Cathy Shields; Tamara Wiget; Katya Kan; Jonah Bradenday; Elizabeth Brown; Brian Helt; Aiden James; Sarah Pratt; Margaret Spilman; Gaston Schettino.


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