Heart Lessons

By Lauren Jahn

My heart needs to learn

that soulful and so full

are actually quite different

snacks aren’t quiet solutions

to loud emotions


My heart needs to learn

there is wholeness in self-acceptance

even if my mind needs help untangling

with the aid of a prescription

Sertraline can wave a magic wand


My heart needs to learn

screens are neither mirrors nor windows

filters and captions are canned cheese

social media an antonym to acceptance


My heart needs to learn

genetic roots and family trees

produce beautiful buds


at times permanent abrasions

deforestation prevents inherited disease


Luckily, though. My aortic organ is learning

not just numeracy with rates and levels

but forgiveness with intention

second by second perseverance and diligence


To complain is to care

and to care is to decide

enough decision validates working

My heart is working to learn