Excerpt from Fall 2018 Studies

By Maria Grissino

I'd say this project was actually what helped me break through my old style and form what my current style is. It pushed me in a lot of ways to find a style of working on my art and a style of creating that is individual to myself and a lot more forgiving than what I had been taught previously. I've always been intrigued in color and more of a pop art style, so I suppose some of that carried through, but before this, I was always focused on realism and was rather perfectionist. I had basically been holding myself to an impossible standard and something that wasn't really "me." It prevented me from moving forward. 


In a way, I didn't have a style of my own until I did this project. It gave me the freedom to do what I actually wanted - to make a mess, to destroy the concept of a perfect figure, to be as lazy or weird in my creation as I wanted to be - something I had been holding myself back from. It was essential to my growth as an artist, and it has definitely impacted the way I draw now. Things don't have to be perfect.

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