Chapbook Contest

Judge: Ross White

January 13, 2020 - April 6, 2020

Prize: $250, 20 Author copies, Blurbs


Jason B Crawford 

Summertime Fine

Editors' Pick: 

Sharon Kennedy-Nolle 

Black Wick: Selected Elegies


Alice Wickenden To Fall Fable

Iris Litt Dangerous Territory poems on aging

Mark MacAllister The Field

Ray Ball Lararium

All contest Winners and Editors' Picks will receive a contract for publication.

Variant Literature Inc will provide everything from copyright to cover art and beyond so that there is no out of pocket expense to the author.

Open Mss Call

Judges: The Editors

September 1, 2020- October 31, 2020

Prize: Publication


Danielle Rose The History of Mountains

Taylor Byas Bloodwarm

Beth Gordon The Water Cycle

Kevin Risner Do Us a Favor

Carroll Susco Bean Spiller

Gail DiMaggio Ironwork

Cori Lohstroh Living Monstes/Damaged Ghosts


Michael Giddings Caricatures

Brendan Walsh coffee jokes

Elizabeth Bluth Learning to Reconcile with the Enemy I Have Come to Think of as My Body

Mathew Serback Set Fire to Everything You Love

Barbara Alfaro Catbird

John Leonard Hunting Season: Poems

Emily Banks Our Last Luxury

Deirdre Danklin How To Start A Coven

Stephen St. Francis Decky Make the Bear Be Nice

Lindsey Schaffer City of Contradiction

Ea Anderson I Want to be This Girl

Robert Detman Building The Perfect Wings

Frank William Finney Cobwebs in the Cadillac and Other Poems

Rajendra Shepherd Moonlight Summer

Alex Adams Ratcatcher

Peter Stavros (Mostly) True Tales from Birchwood Village

Shannon Wolf An Installation of What I Left Behind

Joe Baumann Orbit and Other Places I'd Rather Be

Richard-Yves Sitoski Essential Tremor

    Jacqueline Bédard Human, Too

Sarah Kersey Anacrusis

Preston Smith  Beneath Honeysuckle Rum

Paula Harris pussybroken

Lannie Stabile On Pennsylvania Road

Shannon Frost Greenstein The American Versailles

Microchap Contest

Judge: Lannie Stabile

June 1, 2021 - July 1, 2021

Prize: $150 + 150 limited print run