Common Structures, Simple Mechanics & Varying Degrees of Affection

By William Buchina

For ten years, I have been creating paintings and drawings that look at both the fantastic and mundane elements of a human life, and trying to find the perceived differences between the two. If one was able to strip away all the historical, contextual and familiar lenses through which we cannot help but see everything we encounter, then one would have a chance to experience the thing with a kind of ignorance that puts the imagination to work. In my paintings, I am making a type of collage of scenes, objects, structures, creatures, interactions, landscapes and so on, and both removing and at times enhancing the ingrained logic of each, so that I can give the viewer a chance to engage with a familiar element in a new, critical and inquisitive way. In this way each painting or drawing I make is an attempt to illustrate scenarios from which I want to remove what is known and replace it with something new, and if it is successful, each viewer will see in it something unique to themself, a truth rooted in non-verbal space, and will come away with questions for which there are no answers.

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